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It's Amazing My Children Are Alive

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It seems like every family now has a member that has some form of allergy.  From food allergies to allergies in the air.  I now have two potentially three in our family of 7 who struggle with food allergies.  I gave my children Tylenol, Antibiotics, ora gel, used Vics Vapor rub on them;  It's amazing they are still alive.  Now it's not that all these things are killers but I have learned over the years better options.  Through trial and error I've learned and just empowering myself with knowledge of what is better safer alternatives.  I was introduced to essential oils over 4 years ago now.  I never think of myself as the hippy granola momma but some might say otherwise.  I do know that some are more prone to go the pharmaceutical route than the natural (which might take longer for results).  Now I am not saying that pharmaceutical is all bad.  No, there are times that we desperately need antibiotics or other medicine.  But what about some of the simple things.  

Did you know:    Melaleuca can prevent head lice?  A few drops in your shampoo can keep the bugs away.  Pink eye is a contagious one.  Rub a drop of Melaleuca on the cheek and brow bone.  

Respiratory struggles?  Put a drop of Eucalyptus in the corner of the shower and let the steam do the action.  Rub a couple drops on the feet with socks (just like Vics).  

Low grade fever?  Put a drop of peppermint on the back of the neck and maybe on the chest helps relieve a feather for a little one. ( always dilute with a carrier oil).

Teething?  Baltic Amber necklaces are a natural Ibrophen that warm against the skin and kick off an oil in the system that helps with pain.  Punkin' Butts also, has a natural teething oil that is certified organic safe and oh so helpful for those agitated irritated gums.  

Colic baby or baby that has a hard time unwinding?  Put a drop of lavender in the bath or rub on baby diluted with a carrier oil.  

These are just a handful of great ways to use natural alternatives.  Give it a try.  





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